After birth, we are made a member of a network of behaviors that form on the axis of biological sex and make sense. It is observed that ideal norms of men and women play an active role on individuals on the axis of the family and social environment, and the stereotypical human figure formed accordingly. Examples of behaviors that parents practice lead to identity formation that focuses on sex at an early age. This formation proceeds through a process of ideological imposition in boys and girls from an early age. From childhood, males are instilled in the need to have a strong sexual power through the concept of “masculinity” as both a physical and a social phenomenon. Just as the patriarchal order affects women, it imposes a pattern of behavior on males. To this end, men grow up learning the rules of machismo. Designed male-centrism and judgments about how much “male” the individual should be establish insurmountable domination over the males. The insistence of obligations that lead to all this hegemonic masculinity contradicts the prejudice of “purity and innocence” attributed to children from the very beginning and creates a contradiction. On the one hand, society labels the child “innocence,” while on the other hand, it tries to teach the child to take on the stereotype gender roles. In this series, I tried to blur the dynamic social and family domination with the moving sky images that I placed on the found footage photos. With the audio in the video, I also aimed to depict the “stereotypical opinions” attributed to victimized bodies and let them out of their obligations.


1; 00'40" 2019

2; 00'40" 2019

3; 00'40" 2019

4; 00'40" 2019

5; 00'40" 2019