Taijitu aims to allow a closer look at the notion of "other" through the articulation of race, class and gender relations. Perceiving the paradigms that set the criteria for what's included inside and what's left outside creates an opportunity to produce an idea rather than the dominant mindset that is built on dualities such as inside-outside, old-young, male-female, beautiful-ugly, thin-fat, in which grey areas are ignored, that contains certainties that one should be good and the other bad, and declares those who are not classified according to stereotypes as "other". Of course, the massive part of these dualities is determined by the policies established on the axis of both the body, the limits of the body, and the tyranny of the body. Bodies that are tried to be controlled by being standardized, are considered unacceptable when they fall outside of these standardizations. In this project, the texture of the body has been abstracted from bodily integrity and thus all bodies have been combined in a pot in such a way that we can deny distinctions such as race, class and gender. This perusal in the context of body colour aims to provide proof of the spectrum of self-existence that includes all the diversities and contains an infinite number of possibilities. It wants to strengthen the sense of togetherness by starting from the piece and referring to the whole, and by creating a representation of what we can achieve a sense of ultimately holistic sameness, in which the concept of "outside" cannot exist once all these othernesses and uniquenesses are included.

Fine Art Print/ 2017- Continues